F8 alone: turns extend mode on or off. In Excel Ctrl + Home should take you to cell A1, but Ctrl + End takes you to the last cell that has data.

F2: Edit a cell; Shift+F2: Add or edit a cell comment; Ctrl+X: Cut contents of a cell, selected data, or selected cell range; Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert: Copy contents of a cell, selected data, or selected cell range CTRL+HOME, CTRL+END not working correctly ‎05-28-2017 03:42 PM I believe the answer is that you must press the 'fn' and the 'ctrl' keys together then the 'home' or 'end' keys within Word or Excel for these to work as needed.

I have a keyboard set up the same way and it was definitely awkward to use for a while, particularly since I spend a lot of time on desktop keyboards that have dedicated keys for this purpose, but I got used to it within about 2 weeks of deciding to train myself. Hope this helps. Control + Home in Excel for Mac. Excel 2013・2010・2007用 練習ファイル (end-mode.xlsx 19.3KB) 「セルの渡り歩き系ショートカット:[Ctrl]+矢印キー編」から引き続きご覧いただいている方は、同じ練習ファイルをそのままお使い … Ctrl-Home and Ctrl-End is working perfectly in Word. One of my all-time favorite keyboard shortcuts in Excel is CTRL+Home, but on a Mac there is no Home button. In Excel, on some computers, hitting the "Home" key moves the curser to the first column of the row, while a couple others it moves the curser to A1. when you are off, working further down the worksheet and Ctrl-Home to get back, it will take you back to the cell at whence you froze. Is there a keyboard equivalent of the Windows Excel: Ctrl+Home which takes you to cell A1?

Hallelujah! So what's happening right now is that you're pressing Ctrl+Left/Right, not Ctrl+Home/End.

I like Home going to A1. I have used them both for as long as I can remember in Excel, with no problem whatsoever, but in the last while they have gone wild. In Excel, Ctrl+Left/Right jumps to the next populated cell in the row. A Ctrl Home párja a Ctrl End, ami megmutatja, hogy meddig érzékeli az Excel formázottnak a munkalapot, hogy hol van a táblázatod “utolsó” cellája.

You can also use Ctrl + Up or Down Arrows to skip blank cells.

どちらも選択しているセルを移動する働きをします。 Homeキーを押下するとアクティブなセルを起点に左端(A列)に移動します。この時、行(上下)は動きません。 Ctrl+Homeの方はもっとシンプルです。押下すると、A1を選択した状態になります。

Laz .

The key to finding this elusive keyboard shortcut is in the Keyboard Viewer. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Well I’m here to tell you that I found the keyboard shortcut combination that does the same thing on a Mac. Thanks. Interneten a lap elejére és végére ugranak. Unforturnately, when I press the combinations, they are not taking me to the beginning/end of a document in MS Word, nor the beginning/end of an Excel spreadsheet. az Excel szerkesztőjében, a Wordben, levelezőkben), ilyenkor a sor elejére, végére tudsz ugrani vele. Excel also provides some keyboard shortcuts for editing cells.

Thanks in advance for any info.

Excel Questions VBA Code for "CTRL+HOME/END"? Question Info Last updated May 18, 2020 … If you are experiencing something else let me know. That way, if I have set a filter, and the first row in the filtered recordset is row 116, I would end up at A116. I finally decided to do something about that and recently figured out a solution using VBA and the Personal Macro Workbook. Laz .

Thread ... Feb 26, 2016 #1 Is there a VBA code that I can use to mimic the ctrl+home/end function?

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